Online Resources to Learn Trading

If you are looking for resources and tutorials relating to Forex trading, patient you should be cautious, because some of the foreign exchange market resources online are not authentic. You should carefully and thoroughly complete your research, so that you are not ripped off. These sites will also assist you in becoming educated about the foreign currency trading world and provides additional helpful services free.


FXCM is a great site that provides live currency rates, news regarding Forex trading, demo accounts, trading tools, trading station, information on Forex markets, accounts, automated training, and real-time Forex trading signals. Multiple global banks and financial institutions compete to supply FXCM with spreads. More advantages of using FXCM are that banks cannot see your orders and there are no restrictions on placing entry, stop, and limit orders. Education-wise FXCM offers 60 video lessons to choose from, daily live expert webinars, and practice assignments.

Forex Club (


The Forex Club provides foreign currency trading education, trading platforms, market signals, accounts, market research, forums, hourly currency rates, and partners. The education consists of various videos, eBooks, webinars, articles, tips, chart patterns, a glossary, and an Forex trading academy to enroll in for free. The various trade platforms they offer are ExpressFX, ActTrader, Rumus, and MirrorTrader by Tradency. Market signals the Forex Club provides are Autochartist, Trading Central, Special Promotion, and Sentiment Index. This site also allows you to open a demo account, where you can practice placing orders, entering stops and limits, and testing some of the strategies without using real money. They even offer reliable programs to aid you in finding a broker, managing money, and more.

If you are new to the world of Forex trading, you should utilize both of these great resources. FXCM and the Forex Club are both reputable, accurate, high quality sources for finding information, monitoring the foreign currency rates, finding reliable programs, and practicing. If you are not a beginner, you are most likely already taking advantage of these excellent resources.

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